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Paul Adamson Jr.  was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and currently lives in the Greater Atlanta Area. Paul received a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Morehouse College in 2012. He is now a Finance Manager at Amazon and serves a President for the Black Employee Network. Paul has been a pioneer in spearheading impactful engagement for ERG's across Amazon, financial guidance, budgeting and financial literacy programming.

"I had to learn finance the hard way. The very first time that I had to take control of my finances was when I applied to Morehouse College and didn't have enough money for the loans, only enough money to stay in school for a year. I was faced with finding a way or making one. I was able to find funding to stay in school and decided that I was going to make sure no one else would be put in a situation where finances would be a barrier to their dreams. After graduation, I pursued a career working on Wall Street for some of the best corporations in the world and I have been taking these lessons, tips and ideas and bringing them to the common people.

I have been able to not only help myself, but my friends and family as well. I've helped them get from loads of student debt and bad financial situations to a space where they're now creating general wealth and I want to help other families do the same.  I want to break generational curses. I know everyone's financial journey is different. I'm here to meet you where you're at, so let's get this bread."

-Paul Adamson Jr. - Founder of 247k Investments


It's all about creating Equity

247K Investments was created by Paul Adamson a finance professional that has spent over a decade in investment banking and financial controllership positions in fortune 500 companies and five years of teaching financial literacy. Our aim is to help bridge the financial wealth gap through education and empowerment. This is intentional down to our name. At the time of the company's founding the wealth gap for families of color was $247,000.
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Happy Family
Three Generations
Very few families, especially those of color, have a strong understanding of financial concepts and wealth building strategies. Financial understanding and wealth building strategies are critical to the generational growth that most people aspire to. We at 247K think that these two skillsets should be common place in these communities and homes. Our strategy is straight forward. Decode financial concepts and myths to set a foundation of the basics of financial well being and wealth building and make things simple. All of the products and services offered by 247K are low cost and affordable so that the information that is needed reaches the people who need it the most, closing the gap one family at a time.

What We Do

Simplify the exchange of financial goods and services by creating a
“1 stop shop platform”
for consumers and suppliers

The Problem 

  • Lack of Proper financial education and understanding of wealth building skills

  • Lack of Preparation to fully take advantage of opportunities, withstand financial hardships, and take on life changing events

  • Poor Performance of assets 

The Approach


  • Decode financial concepts and myths to get back to the basics of financial well being and wealth building

  • Declutter financial services life cycle and simplify the wealth building process

  • Direct connection to consumers and partners to build relationships that would allow for maximum value

How Do We Do It

Wealth building is a team sport. In order to help you win we put a championship team together of very diverse and talented people. Our direct services can be found by clicking the 247K Button.



Additionally we partner with providers from the community for the community. These partnerships allow us to expand our product offering so that we can service all of the financial needs that you may have. Truly making us a one stop shop. Every business has been vetted to ensure the highest quality is always delivered to you. Find out more about our team and a few of our key partners below.

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Our Partner Providers

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